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February 22, 2017
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Fashion Of The Moment: Wearing Pajamas To Go Out? You Can !!

The dream of many can come true: wear pajamas to go out !

Even you happen to spend the days on the couch watching TV series always keeping the pajamas on? Because there is no more comfortable outfit and taking it off in the morning is often a real challenge!

Yet in this period the theme of pajamas to go out is absolutely current when it comes to fashion. So, is it really possible to wear pajamas or dressing gowns to go out and still be very elegant?

Of course we are not talking about the beloved flannel pajamas or overalls with nice prints. Definitely comfortable, but I’m not really the best of elegance 

The fabric must be soft and refined, possibly silk; moreover, when you go out “in pajamas” the rest of the look has to be taken care of and researched, otherwise it really seems that you have forgotten to change you! In fact, the border between chic and trash is very thin and, if you do not take care of the details, the effect “I just got up” could be a real disaster!

So much so, how do you bring it: it’s a trend a bit ‘snobby, needless to deny it, and should be carried with confidence. If you do not feel comfortable with a garment, do not wear it just because it is fashionable. First of all it is important to feel beautiful and … in this case also comfortable!

Let’s see now together the various models that are seen around … Between pajamas, blouse and dressing gowns, celebrities seem really to love this look and now even the big chains of “fast-fashion” are proposing similar dresses, which is why someone may want to provide …!

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